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GruzovichkoF freight taxi

Всего 1790 руб.

Всего 1290 руб.

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и закажите грузовое такси по Санкт-Петербургу


Такси приезжает менее, чем за 15 минут

Днём за 2 часа всего 1790 рублей !

После 16-00 всего за 1290 рублей !

Cargo carriage services are offered in every corner today. Most often, orders for cargo carriage by GAZel (small tonnage truck) or any other truck are taken beforehand, with fixed date, time and type of carriage.

What should one do if it is necessary to transport the cargo today, now? The GruzovichkoF moving company offers its services. Our company takes not only orders made beforehand, but the orders "for today" as well. This is a standard service, which is called a "freight taxi."

Cargo carriage in taxi form is mostly done in GAZels. This is a convenient vehicle, which is capable of maneuvering quickly in narrow streets and carrying cargoes, which have small weight, and in small numbers, and that is exactly what is required from a freight taxi that provides quick and quality service.

What cargoes is taxi called to carry?

Usually "quick" trips are ordered for cargoes that are small in number and weight. To transport large bags and boxes full of your belongings, to move household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, wardrobe, chest of drawers, etc.).

Is it possible to order a truck with freight handlers?

If the amount and sizes of the cargo make it impossible to load it in the vehicle by yourselves, additional help will definitely be of use. Our company provides freight handlers if you wish.

Which regions do we operate in?

We operate in Russian scales in the direct sense of this expression. You may order freight taxi for transportation in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia.

Why is our company worth using to?

Do you want to order a freight taxi, and for it to be cheap?

Call our company. Our freight taxi service is really cheap. Why should you spend time on searching and comparing prices for freight taxi services in St. Petersburg or elsewhere Russia, if you can get high quality service quickly and cheaply? Call us, you will not regret it!