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Piano moving by the GruzovichkoF Company

There are standard cargoes and there are non-standard cargoes, and pianos are a classical example. Piano, grand piano are heavy, large-sized and at the same time fragile cargoes. Piano moving should be extra careful, because musical instruments are nearly family members for many people. The reasons for moving a valuable musical instrument could be different:

In case of piano moving, freight handlers should be as attentive as possible. It is necessary to know the special features of piano transportation for nothing to happen to it:

How much does piano moving cost?

Prices for piano moving depend on the type and class of the piano, the floor and distance. Please check the prices over the phone.

Whom should you trust to move your piano?

The experienced and responsible GruzovichkoF Company offers its services because we have been efficiently moving pianos in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Russia for a long time already. We take on the transportation of pianos of standard size, Russian and foreign grand pianos and other types of musical instruments.

We think that any mission can be fulfilled, because of that you only have to pick up the phone and call us!