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The company’s partners

Petmol – dairy products
Coca-Cola – the biggest producer of beverages in the world
Lenspetssmu – real estate construction
Medi – chain of clinics
Lukomorye – chain of stores
Turris – hotel chain
Hotel Piter – hotel
OJSC Metrostroy – construction of buildings and structures for the underground railway system
CJSC FORD MOTOR COMPANY – motor vehicle building plant
OJSC SIBUR Holding – gas processing and petrochemical company
Baltika - brewery
OJSC Rostelecom – telecommunications group
LLC LENTA – chain of hypermarkets
LLC O’KEY – chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets
Pyaterochka – chain of economy class stores
LLC GAZPROM TRANSGAZ ST. PETERSBURG – main gas pipeline transportation
OJSC SZ Severnaya Verf (Ship Building Plant “Northern Shipyard”) – ship building
CJSC PHILLIP MORRIS IZHORA – manufacture of various kinds of tobacco products
LLC Transoil – transport and communications
PETERBURGREGIONGAZ – natural gas supplier in the North-West Federal District
OJSC ILIM GROUP – pulp-and-paper industry
OJSC St. Petersburg Power Sales Company – production and distribution of electrical energy
OJSC TGC–1 (Territorial Generating Company) – production of electrical energy
Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak – production of fraud-proof papers
LLC KINEF – oil refining industry
OJSC Power Machines – turbine manufacture
LLC LUKOIL-BUNKER – subsidiary of the largest Russian oil company LUKOIL
OJSC Henkel-ERA – chemical production
OJSC Lenenergo – power distribution company
LLC Baltnefteprovod (Baltic Oil Pipeline) – construction and operation of main oil pipelines of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS)
JTI Petro – the biggest cigarette manufacturer
Rusagro Group – one of the largest vertically integrated agricultural holdings of Russia
LLC JM-Auto – manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
CJSC Multon — development, production and distribution of healthy food based on fruit: natural juices and juice containing beverages.
State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal of St. Petersburg provides 5 million people and tens of thousands of enterprises and organizations with water.
Nokian Shina – manufacture of tires for cars, 4-wheel-drive vehicles, trucks and buses
OJSC POLIMER – manufacture of rubber and plastic articles
Dixy – chain of economy class stores
State Unitary Enterprise TEK SPb (Fuel and Energy Complex) – production and distribution of electrical energy, gas and water
Mostootryad No. 19 builds transport constructions of any type and system as well as industrial and civil projects.
CJSC International Paper – pulp production
LLC NEVSKIYE POROGI – production of food
Transnefteproduct (Trans Oil Product) – coordination and management of oil products transportation, complex development of the chain of main oil product pipelines
LLC PG (Industrial Group) FOSFORIT – chemical production
Neste – one of the leading independent companies of Northern Europe, manufacturer of high quality motor fuel for less polluting traffic.
State Unitary Enterprise St. Petersburg Underground
Sunway Group – the group of companies Sunway Group is one of the three leading domestic importers of agricultural products, providing 90% of all deliveries of fruit and vegetables to the Russian market
GENESIS Holding — one of the leaders of the pharmaceutical market of Russia.
CJSC Gazpromneft-North-West – subsidiary sales enterprise of OJSC Gazpromneft, engaged in retail sales of oil products via Gazpromneft filling station chain, wholesale of oil products, construction and operation of the company’s own filling stations, bulk petroleum tank farms.
Maxidom – chain of building material and tool stores
LLC ORIMI TRADE – wholesale and retail trade; repairs
CJSC VAD (High Quality Motor Vehicle Roads) – construction
LLC Laverna – wholesale and retail trade; repairs
OJSC VSZ (Vyborg Ship Building Plant) – ship building, aircraft and spacecraft building
Key – federal chain of computer equipment stores
Agricultural and Industrial Holding Miratorg – one of the leading producers and suppliers of meat on the Russian market.
OJSC TsKB MT (Central Design Bureau of Marine Equipment) RUBIN – real estate deals, renting
CJSC Business Computer Center – real estate deals, renting
CJSC Sovex – one of the leading companies on the market, providing aircraft fuel in civil aviation airports of Russia.
GSK (Group of Construction Companies) VIS – group of construction companies VIS combines ten construction and engineering companies, which are engaged in construction and reconstruction of large oil and gas as well as power enterprises, transport systems, social, cultural and commercial projects throughout Russia.
OJSC Khlebnyi Dom (Bread House) – production of food
YIT – design, construction and maintenance of buildings, industrial enterprises, commercial complexes and telecommunication networks.
JFC Group – international chain engaged in production, logistics and distribution of fruit.
CJSC VTORCHERMET – processing and treating of secondary raw materials
Inchcape Olimp – a part of Inchcape PLC – the leading international group selling automobiles, which is present in 26 developed and developing markets around the world
CJSC STROYMASTER – wholesale and retail trade; repairs
LLC Valio – Russian department of Finnish concern Valio, the leading producer of dairy products in Finland.
CJSC Metallurgical Plant Petrostal – the full circle metallurgical enterprise is located in St. Petersburg and dates back to 1801 as a part of the Kirov (Putilov) Plant.
LLC Trading House Intertorg – wholesale and retail trade; repairs
CJSC IMPERIA-PHARMA – wholesale and retail trade; repairs
Faeton-Aero – chain of filling stations
CJSC RUST INC – wholesale and retail trade; repairs
DSK Blok – BLOK House Construction Industrial Complex – the largest modern and high tech complex in the North-West
LLC OMZ (United Machine Building Plants) SPETSSTAL – metallurgical production
Euroset – federal cellular phones retailer
ALIDI – the leading Russian operator in the field of distribution and service logistics.
ТNК-VR – oil company
CJSC Metakhim – metallurgical production
Rolf – chain of car dealerships
CJSC PETROMAX – processing and treating of secondary raw materials
LLC Profit Firm – proving other communal, social and personal services
LLC LYUBAVUSHKA – wholesale and retail trade; repairs
Lengiprotrans – design of railroads and motor vehicle roads, buildings and constructions; engineering and ecological survey for construction
OJSC TsTSS (Center of Technologies for Ship Building and Ship Repairs) – the leading technological center of ship building in Russia, one of the largest scientific organizations in St. Petersburg.
BFА – banking services for natural persons and legal entities
SPbAEP (St. Petersburg Scientific Research and Design and Development Institute Atomenergoproekt (Nuclear Energy Project) – the only in Russia company designing nuclear power plants with different types of nuclear reactors
LLC BALTLES – agriculture
Farmakor – St. Petersburg pharmacy chain
LLC Rudas – delivery of inert (non-metallic) building materials
LLC NSC MONOLIT – construction
LLC IZ-KARTEX (Izhora Plants – Quarry Heavy Excavators) – building of machinery and equipment
LLC Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy (Air Gates of the Northern Capital) – consortium managing the operation of Pulkovo airport.
Svyaznoy – federal chain of digital equipment and cellular phones stores
Tekhnograd – design, delivery, assembly and maintenance of professional equipment for kitchens of restaurants and hotels.
OJSC MZ (Machine Building Plant) ARSENAL – ship building, aircraft and spacecraft building
OJSC Leningrad Bread Products Industrial Complex – food production
R-Line Company – transport and forwarding company, customs broker
Vsevolozhskiy Meat Industrial Complex – trading and manufacturing company
CJSC NIPK (Scientific Innovative Industrial Complex) Electron – the leader of the Russian market of roentgen diagnostic equipment and programming solutions for public health
Trading chain Academiya – modern multi-brand children’s goods supermarkets.
International Group of Companies Svetovye Tekhnologii (Lighting Technologies) – one of the leading manufacturers of lighting equipment
CJSC START is realizing the project for development of hypermarket chain selling goods for home and repairs and operating under the START brand.
Bouche – the most popular St. Petersburg bakery-pastry shop, with 14 years of history
Home Credit Bank
OJSC Mobile TeleSystems (МТS) is the leading telecommunications operator in Russia and CIS countries.
Nestle – Swiss food company.
Metro – chain of trading centers
Open Joint-Stock Company Sberbank of Russia – universal bank, providing a wide range of banking services.
OJSC Bank VTB — Russian commercial bank.
Gazprombank (Open Joint-Stock Company) – commercial bank of gas industry
Rosselkhozbank — state specialized agricultural bank, 100% of shares are owned by the Government of Russia.
VTB 24 — retail bank specializing in servicing natural persons, self-employed entrepreneurs and small business enterprises.
Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Bank of Moscow”. The bank is represented practically in all economically important regions of the country and has 309 separate subdivisions, including additional offices and operational cash transaction services desks.
Alpha Bank – universal bank, working both with legal entities and natural persons.
UniCrfeditBank – Closed Joint-Stock Company UniCreditBank.
Rosbank – Russian commercial bank
NOMOS-Bank – Russian universal chain commercial bank, open joint-stock company
Promsvyazbank – Russian private bank, open joint-stock company
Closed joint-stock company Raiffeisenbank – Russian commercial bank
Uralsib Bank (open joint-stock company Uralsib) – one of the largest Russian commercial banks
Bank Saint-Petersburg – Russian commercial bank
Rossiya – open joint-stock company Joint-Stock Bank ROSSIYA
Adidam Group – manufacture of sports equipment
AZIMUTH – hotel chain in Russia and Europe
Danone – production and sale of milk, butter and sour-milk products
DoorHan – production and sale of sectional and revolving gates, roller systems, traffic control barriers, etc.
FiNN FLARE – popular chain of stores selling casual Finnish clothes, footwear and accessories for men and women.
GE Money – department of General Electric, providing consumer crediting services
KELLY – the largest international company, providing solutions in the field of personal management since 1946, and since 1993 in Russia.
Mascotte – international, dynamically developing brand of footwear and accessories for men and women
MEDEM – medical institution, providing a wide range of highly specialized medical services
Media Markt – megamarkets of household appliances
Rockland – chain of stores selling sports goods
Oodji – chain of youth clothes stores
Russ Outdoor – the largest Russian outdoor advertising operator
Sela – chain of stores selling casual clothes
Savage – fashion clothes stores
LLC United Breweries Heineken – Russian department of international concern HEINEKEN N.V.
Adams – jewelry plant
Auchan – chain of hypermarkets
Budu Mamoy (I’ll Be a Mother) – sales of outwear, dresses, jeans, underwear, accessories and cosmetics for future mothers
Beeline – cellular operator
Glavstroy – designing and construction of city blocks and residential districts
Wasabi – chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants
Zolla – clothing shops for men and women
Land – chain of supermarkets
Defo – manufacture of office furniture
Decathlon – sports goods hypermarkets
Dve Palochki (Two Sticks) – chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants
Detskiy Mir (Children’s World) – chain of goods for children
Wild Orchid Group of Companies – sale of underwear, home clothes, swimsuits, hosiery for women and children
Ingosstrakh – insurance company
Coffee House – chain of coffee houses
Motivi – Italian clothes for women
Lenta Cash & Carry – chain of supermarkets
М.Video – household appliances and electronics stores
Frozen ready-to-cook food, ice-cream, dough and pastry for baking
Komus – stores selling goods for office
МКМ – stores selling fur and leather outwear for winter
Normann – Builder, Customer, Investor and General Contractor in the field of residential housing development.
Liviz – liqueur and vodka distillery
Nevskaya Trapeza – meat processing industrial complex
Petrovskiy Autocenter – chain of motor vehicle dealerships
CJSC Pilon – construction company, specializing in construction, reconstruction, capital repairs and restoration of bridges, embankments, overpasses...
Planeta Fitness (Fitness Planet) – chain of fitness clubs
Ulybka Radugi (Rainbow’s Smile) – chain of cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals stores
Network of Domina Hotels & Resorts
Women's Clothing Stores Motivi