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Transport outsourcing by GruzovichkoF

There was a transport department at practically any enterprise in the past — the main problems of its head are described in the famous monologue by Zhvanetskiy. Nowadays there are very few companies, which can afford this inefficient structure, and entrepreneurs refer to transport outsourcing more and more often. It can be transfer of care for its own motor vehicle park to a company-outsourcer or complete refusal to maintain its own vehicles — the so-called outsourcing of transport services. The advantages of transport outsourcing are evident:

Transport outsourcing is a kind of eternal engine for business. It is no secret that one’s own vehicles are idle most of the time. This is explained by both working hours and maintenance and servicing. But when you settle on outsourcing of vehicles, you get vehicles when you require them and all the other time they are actually non-existent, i. e. you have maximally efficient vehicles, which are always working and never idle.

Transport outsourcing is a real find for trading over the Internet. Internet shops open in order to cut expenses for sales areas and sellers, but cannot do without offline transport either. Maintenance of one’s own vehicles, garage and personnel, servicing all that, looks illogical on that background.