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GruzovichkoF Took Part in Job Vacancies Fair

The thirty-first all-city Job Vacancies Fair, where training and jobs were presented, took place on September 12, 2013 in St. Petersburg. More than 230 recruiting agencies, companies and municipal services took part in it. The GruzovichkoF moving company also took active part in the Job Vacancies Fair because of an increase in the number of personnel.

The event took place in Yubileynyi Palace of Sports. Candidates could find a new job there without any charge and immediately be interviewed by potential employers. They could use the database of the all-city job vacancies databank of the Employment Service for the population of St. Petersburg or get a piece of advice, provided by independent consultants the job market.

GruzovichkoF offered jobs of call-center operators, drivers-forwarding agents and logistics specialists for candidates. Many aspirants could fill in questionnaires for the personnel department and be interviewed at the Fair. More than one thousand candidates who were interested in getting a job in a dynamically developing company, visited GruzovichkoF’s stand during one day of operation.

Stolen GruzovichkoF Vehicle Was Quickly Found

On the early morning of September 11, a group of unknown persons stole a branded GAZel of the GruzovichkoF Company in Moscow. It took the company a little more than 24 hours to find it. The operation was successfully carried out by the security service of the GruzovichkoF Company and Moscow Chief Administration of Internal Affairs, which made it possible to find the lost vehicle.

The GAZel was found in less than 70 kilometers from Moscow in the town of Chernogolovka. All the sensors and the security camera, with which the company vehicles are equipped, were taken out of the vehicle. However that did not stop the security service of GruzovichkoF and Moscow police from finding it. The vehicle was returned to the company.

GruzovichkoF Entered the Ryazan Transportation Market

Building material and tool hypermarket Leroy Merlin was opened in Ryazan on Tuesday, the tenth of September. A representative office of St. Petersburg company GruzovichkoF, performing the functions of delivery service for the French hypermarket, started operating at the same time with it. The GruzovichkoF Company has already been operating on the cargo carriage market of St. Petersburg and Moscow, and now it is operating in Ryazan as well.

Acting minister of economic development and trade of Ryazan Region Vitaliy Larin, first deputy chairman of the government of the Ryazan Region Oleg Bulekov as well as general director of Leroy Merlin in Russia Vincent Genty took part in the opening ceremony in the twenty-seventh Leroy Merlin hypermarket in Russia.

The area of the new hypermarket is 15.9 thousand square meters. More than 40,000 names of goods for building and decoration are presented there. “We expect great demand for this hypermarket’ products. It is necessary to take all those goods to the customers. More than half a million people live in Ryazan, because of that I am sure that our vehicles will be 100% loaded, and residents of the city will be able to get their goods on time,” said Igor Rudziy, general director of the GruzovichkoF Company when asked to comment on the event. “We have been working with Leroy Merlin in St. Petersburg on outsourcing principle for a long time already, and will continue our cooperation in Ryazan.”

The GruzovichkoF Company is actively developing transport outsourcing services. Bringing this function to life with the help of GruzovichkoF allows the companies that require regular cargoes, to reduce non-core expenses for many kinds of activities. First of all to reduce expenses for daily accounting: instead of vehicle trip tickets, fuel and POL (petroleum, oil and lubricants) consumption, depreciation of vehicles and other things, the company only takes expenses for an extrinsic contract into account. The number of personnel is reduced or existing personnel are reoriented to other tasks, and expenses connected with that are also reduced. Then transport tax and property tax are reduced, and the finances freed in such a way are directed to development of the company’s own business.

GruzovichkoF Helped G20 Participants

The International G20 Summit, which took place on September 5-6 in the Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg, could not manage without the participation of the GruzovichkoF Company. The GruzovichkoF Company was called from the Consulate of the Republic of Korea and helped to load and move acoustic equipment for an informal meeting of the Korean community from Peterhof to the Mikhailovskiy (Engineers’) Castle in St. Petersburg.

G20 members are Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, European Union, India, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Turkey, France, the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Korea, and Japan.

State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and GruzovichkoF carried out a Joint Event

Before the beginning of the new school year, the GruzovichkoF Company and the department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Kirovskiy District of St. Petersburg carried out a joint event, dedicated to promotion of road traffic safety and improvement of the culture of driving by the company employees. The GruzovichkoF Company as a big transport enterprise pays a lot of attention to road traffic safety and behaviour of its drivers as well as all employees, proving the efficiency of its vehicle park.

Drivers, logistics specialists, column heads as well as the head of the transport department, responsible for road traffic safety, and the chief mechanic of the enterprise took part in the event on the part of the GruzovichkoF Company. The Traffic Police was represented by chief state inspector of the department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Kirovskiy District of St. Petersburg Police Major Ivan Andreevich Barmin and chief state inspector of the department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Kirovskiy District of St. Petersburg, Police Major Zhanna Vladimirovna Borisova.

The event consisted of several stages, dedicated to separate aspects of road traffic safety, lectures, viewing of video materials and discussion of all professional matters by the company employees and inspectors of the Traffic Police. In particular the following matters were discussed in the course of the meeting: the order of drivers’ and vehicles’ staring operation, statistics for road traffic accidents in Kirovskiy district during seven months, detailed discussion of road traffic accidents, in which GruzovichkoF company employees were engaged, and the exact actions of the driver at the wheel of a vehicle owned by the GruzovichkoF company in each case.

Representatives of the Traffic Police demonstrated several films to the assembled people, which were discussed afterwards. They were “Attention – Children!”, “Pedestrian, Pedestrian Crossing”, “Speed Limit”, “Driver’s Culture on the Road” and others. Rapid-fire questioning of the participants to determine the knowledge of traffic rules was carried out in the end of the event. It demonstrated good knowledge of the GruzovichkoF Company’s employees. Then the results of the meeting were summed up and questions were answered.

The management of the GruzovichkoF Company is sure that such meetings of the Traffic Police and the company employees, arranged regularly, actively help to increase road traffic safety and personal responsibility of the company drivers.

GruzovichkoF Revived its Soccer Team

In July, 2013 the management of GruzovichkoF decided to revive the soccer team, which had been in the company some time ago. The new soccer team GruzovichkoF took part in its first tournament already on August 4. That was mini-soccer (five-a-side) tournament Trans Russia Cup 2013, which took place in sports complex Nova Arena in Murinskiy Park.

Twenty-four biggest companies of Moscow and St. Petersburg, engaged in transport business, took part in the tournament, organized by Pinkov Sports Projects. The following companies took part in it: Pulkovo Airport, Balt Express Service, OJSC MZ (Machine Building Plant) Arsenal, Pony Express, GruzovichkoF, Group of Companies Eurosib, TVSZ (Tikhvin Railroad Car Building Plant), Delikatnyi Pereezd (Delicate Move), City Express, ТК Mateks, TransBusiness, ТNТ Express, Ahlers, RosMorPort, EuroTransit and others. GruzovichkoF started well and won the first game vs TNT Express – 3:0. Then GruzovichkoF won the game vs Delikatnyi Pereezd. GruzovichkoF had to struggle to win 1:0. In the final game of the qualifying tournament vs TVSZ the goalkeeper of GruzovichkoF was hit in the face by another’s player’s leg and the injury turned out to be serious.

The GruzovichkoF Company team got into Golden Play-Off after getting out of the group – the strongest teams were left for the play-off. In 1/8 final the team won the game vs MZ Arsenal – 2:0. After that, in 1/4 final GruzovichkoF played vs Pony Express. The tough game finished in a draw. GruzovichkoF lost on penalties. The goalkeeper’s injury played a role.

As a result of the competition, the renewed GruzovichkoF team became one of the eight strongest teams. The goalkeeper Anton Ustinovskiy was awarded the title of best goalkeeper of Trans Russia Cup 2013 for his performance, and the fans of the GruzovichkoF team, who actively supported it all day, were awarded the title of the Best Support Group. It is planned to develop soccer in the company after this first success.

Arnolds May Visit You This Summer

In June, the GruzovichkoF Company launched the joint action under the name “30% off Arnolds” together with the Ecoton Company, a leading real estate agency. Any of Ecoton’s clients, who entered into contract for real estate services (consultations, purchase, sale or rent of real estate) in one of the five departments of the company, gets a gift card for the special "30% off Arnolds" offer, which gives the right to 30% off any kind of loading by the GruzovichkoF company and 3% off real estate agent’s services by Ecoton.

The special offer came into effect in June and will be in effect until August 31. All visitors, who entered into contract in Ecoton offices during the first month, got their discount cards already. The offer is becoming more and more popular. The number of people wishing Arnolds to load their belongings when they are moving, is increasing.

GruzovichkoF Took Part in Residential Housing Project Exhibition

The Residential Housing Project Exhibition Seminar took place in the Ledovyi (Ice) Palace in St. Petersburg from May 25 till May 26, 2013. It was dedicated to urgent matters of buying and selling real estate. The leading companies operating in the field of construction and real estate trading took part in it, there were TsDS (Center of Shared Equity Construction), Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost (St. Petersburg Real Estate), LSR Nedvizhimost (LSR Real Estate), Ecoton, Advecs Nedvizhimost (Advecs Real Estate), Group of Companies Kivennapa and others among them.

Residential Housing Project Exhibition was divided into areas of focus depending on the subject, and presented a number of programs, such as State Residential Housing Programs, Urban Real Estate, The Market for Ready Made Residential Housing and Residential Housing under Construction, Suburban Real Estate, Foreign Real Estate, and Financial and Legal Services.

GruzovichkoF moving company took active part in the Residential Housing Project Exhibition as a carrier, whose services are always in demand in case of moving. A large number of visitors and representatives of companies, interested in cooperation, came to the company’s stand in the course of two days of operation. As a result of the exhibition, GruzovichkoF collected an impressive package of orders.