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GruzovichkoF – services of professional freight handlers

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Many people smile when hearing the expression «professional freight handlers». What kind of specialists are they specialists? Which academies did they train at? One can answer, taking Chapaev as an example, «We did not graduate from any academies,» but we’ll answer differently: our ten year experience in cargo carriage is the best academy for freight handlers in St. Petersburg. We in GruzovichkoF have studied all kinds and stages of cargo carriage in detail. Our freight handlers know much more about your move than you do.

Let skeptics smile again: what one should know here? — «You roll the round, you carry the square»... But our freight handlers know what and how to roll and what and how to carry, in which case it is necessary to turn over and tilt and in which case one cannot do without lifting belts. They know from which side they should grab even the most inconvenient article. They even know how to transport pets and how to package anything in such a way that it will not be damaged during transportation. We are so conscientious in our business that we even have our own packaging store, as we want to be sure of everything.

All that is because carriage with freight handlers is our vocation, our love, our passion. Our freight handlers love your cargoes and care for their safety. Some people think the freight handler’s work is carrying weights, but we think that our work is to help people. Because of that we are happy to receive any order — this is another chance for us to learn something new about cargo carriage, another reason to be assured that we are engaged in a noble business that people truly need. GruzovichkoF takes the load of worries off the client in the direct sense of the word from the moment the client calls us.

Freight handlers come and go and the impression of the move stays for a long time. And it will depend on you first of all. If you select the first advertisement offering «freight handlers in St. Petersburg», which catches your eye, GruzovichkoF will not be able to help you in any way. But if you call 404-0000, a move with our freight handlers will not seem like a trial for you. And you will want to move again and again in order to meet them again and experience that rare combination of confidence and light-heartedness.

GruzovichkoF works round-the-clock — we do not want to part from our clients even for a minute! In order to make them happy, we constantly present special offers and grant discounts. Anyone will find an advantageous offer in our company: discounts for regular clients, discounts for GAZels with freight handlers, cumulative and seasonable discounts, discounts and special offers for moving — we cannot list everything here. Call us and choose yourself!