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Services in bringing building materials up
provided by the GruzovichkoF Company

Imagine the following. You are making repairs in your apartment and you bought a lot of building materials. The delivery is organized by the seller, which seems to be very nice. But it turns out that there may be problems. To organize delivery is one thing, but to bring all those heavy things up to, say, tenth floor is a different matter. And what if the elevator is out of order?

What should one do in this case?

The following options are available:

First, you can save money and bring building materials up yourself. But before you start this risky operation, think about your back. It will hardly like such physical activities, especially if you did not do anything like that before. Besides, there is no guarantee that some fragile building materials, a box with tiles for example, will not fall on even more fragile toes...

Second, you can ask the driver, who brought building materials to your house, to bring them up to your apartment as well. For an additional fee, naturally. The prices for such services are no secret. They tell them to you when you sign the contract and they are usually not modest. Why should they be modest? You have no choice. If you do not want to pay, you can bring everything up yourself...

Do you really have no choice? Do not believe that. You do have a choice!

And here is our third option. You can order the service of bringing building materials up in our company. It is simple, quick and, most important, very cheap.

  1. You contact the managers of our company by phone in St. Petersburg.
  2. You say what amount of work is expected from our freight handlers and when they should come.
  3. Our operator will tell you the exact cost of bringing building materials up.
  4. Freight handlers come to your home or office at the agreed upon time.
  5. You watch them working.

By the way, to watch professionals at work is a pleasure. And one can do that indefinitely. But we are not speaking about indefiniteness in our case. Freight handlers work very quickly.