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Furniture moving by GruzovichkoF

Life is a chain of changes. Everything changes: people, tastes in food and clothes, phone numbers and addresses. And if we are speaking about addresses, one cannot do without moving furniture, as well as freight handler services. Why should one carry his wardrobes and divan-beds to his tenth floor in a house with tiny elevator?!

And we – GruzovichkoF moving company – will be most welcome in this case. Furniture moving in St. Petersburg is one of our main kinds of activities. One of the main and favorite ones. Because we bring comfort to the homes of our clients together with their furniture. And when you do something bringing pleasure to the others, you yourself feel warmth in your heart.

You can certainly try to save money and organize furniture moving in St. Petersburg yourself. But this idea has several evident minuses.

First, you have to find a truck. Your favorite car will hardly manage with furniture moving. You have to look for owners of something bigger among your friends and acquaintances. It’s wonderful if you manage to find such people, but even in this case you will have to pay for petrol and in future you will feel yourself obliged and will have to do something in return.

Second, you will have to bring the furniture up to your floor. If you live on the ground floor, you are very lucky. If not, you should prepare for troubles. Furniture has an unpleasant feature to stick in place where the staircase is turning and fall on your feet, which is painful. And it is fairly fragile. If you brush against or hit the wall by your favorite cupboard a couple of times, you will break the glass. And then you will have to prove to your wife that it looks better without the glass! And what about your back? Do you really think that it will say thank you to you?

And finally, third, furniture moving in St. Petersburg by one’s own efforts is a lost day or even two days. You will have to cancel going to the place of employment and especially watching football or the next part of a serial. You can also forget about sleeping. Because if you spend the day on furniture moving, you will spend the night on its assembly.

And look now, how you will spend the day if you order furniture moving in St. Petersburg to the GruzovichkoF Company.

Well, it will be a normal day for you: without any emergencies or unpleasant situations. The TV-set, the stand to put it on and your sofa-bed will be in the new apartment exactly on time. One can say the same about the other pieces of furniture. And they will get to you assembled. We have big vehicles, it is not necessary to dismantle your table, and our freight handlers will bring your furniture to the required floor without any problems. You will see how quickly and carefully they handle flights of stairs. You will not find either a single scratch, or a catch, or an abrasion on your furniture. We guarantee it!

Well, if you still want to save money, then… Definitely call us. Because furniture moving is cheap with our company.