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Why is it quicker with us?

Urgent request for a vehicle within 15 minutes

The time is nearly improbable. How do we manage it?

It takes a vehicle nearly an hour to drive from the outskirts in one part of a big city to the outskirts in another even without traffic jams. And in order for a vehicle to come to you quickly, it should not be far. And it is literally close by, no matter from what place in the city you order carriage by the GruzovichkoF Company!

There is no secret here. We just have a large vehicle park, the vehicles are always distributed around the city. This is one of our main advantages in comparison with our rivals. We are a taxi, but a freight taxi. You call us and tell us your address, the dispatcher calls the nearest to you vacant vehicle and gives the order to the driver. And the vehicle comes to you within 15 minutes, because it does not have to cover half a city to service you.

We are not wizards certainly and it sometimes happens that the vehicle becomes struck in a traffic jam in a couple of city blocks from you, losing precious time. In such cases we are always ready to compensate your waiting by additional discount.

A big city needs a big moving company! Otherwise there’s no sense in trying to do business at all.