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Стретч-плёнка 1,2 кг
500 мм
Цена: 400 руб.
Стретч-пленка 2 кг
500 мм
Цена: 500 руб.
Плёнка воздушно-пузырчатая (черная)
2-слойная, 1 м²
Цена: 35 руб.
Плёнка воздушно-пузырчатая (прозрачная)
2-слойная, 1 м²
Цена: 110 руб.
Коробка картонная для одежды
Цена: 110 руб.
Коробка картонная универсальная
Цена: 140 руб.
Коробка картонная для переезда
Цена: 95 руб.
Коробка картонная для посуды
Цена: 95 руб.
Короб архивный
240x350x240 мм
Цена: 110 руб.
Короб гардеробный
Цена: 680 руб.
Коробка стандартная
Цена: 110 руб.

Arrangement of moving
to/from summer cottage
by the GruzovichkoF Company

От 1240 руб.

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и закажите грузовое такси по Санкт-Петербургу


до 25 км1590/2090/2290 руб.

от 25 км до 50 км3440 руб.

от 50 км до 75 км4120 руб.

от 75 км до 100 км4790 руб.

от 100 км до 125 км5470 руб.

от 125 км до 150 км6140 руб.

от 150 км до 175 км6820 руб.

от 175 км до 200 км7490 руб.

Everyone waits for summer, from small children to old people! This season is a wonderful time, when the sun shines brightly, when there are flowers all around, when you can spend the whole day on a river bank, tell ghost stories in the evening sitting by the fire, eat crunchy new cucumbers and collect blueberries in the forest. But some people are waiting for this season with horror, they are not frightened either by mosquitoes or Colorado potato beetle, but by moving to their summer cottage. Moving the required furniture and various utensils used in a summer cottage seems something supernatural and impossible even to most experience residents of summer cottages.

The GruzovichkoF Company hastens to calm down everyone who may be having doubts: neither rain, nor slush, nor large-sized furniture, nor narrow doorways, nor difficult roads frighten real professionals. Our team will prepare your move to your summer cottage carefully and diligently. We’ll select a vehicle, prepare the furniture, load it, bring it to the destination on time, unload and put everything in place as you require it.

What can you trust us to move?

Special features of moving to/from summer cottage by GruzovichkoF:

You can rely on us in case of moving furniture to/from summer cottage, as we have experience and knowledge. We offer surprisingly advantageous prices. In order to find out everything about our work and make an order for moving, you have to make one call. We’ll answer you at once!