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Why is it cheaper with us?

Our low prices

The main target of our company is for our clients to be happy.

We at the GruzovichkoF Company are like any of our clients. Sooner or later each of us needs something to be moved somewhere. And when our company was just forming, we asked ourselves a simple question: how much I am ready to pay myself for my sofa or a wardrobe to be moved from this apartment to another one? We do not think that it is a pleasure for anyone to give a mover a huge sum, sometimes even comparable with the cost of the article being moved.

And we came to the main conclusion, which we put in the basis of our company: transportation should be easy and not burdensome, including the money aspect. We take upon ourselves your worries and do not demand too much money, which people cannot afford, for that, because transportation by GruzovichkoF is a simple, additional service. We do not want you to spend your time and resources on those matters. We do not want you to rack your brains over those matters: whom to call, how to package everything, how not to mix anything, how to bring up to the required place, how to bring up to the required floor… And we want you simply to forget the question “Do I have enough money to pay for transportation of all that?”

You have really big tasks to complete: to put your furniture in place in the new apartment or move to your summer cottage in summer, to create a new working place or make repairs in your apartment – solve them! And we’ll do all the rest, what depends on us. We help!