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About the GruzovichkoF Company

The GruzovichkoF Company is well-known all over Russia. You see its bright and swift small trucks in the streets every day. They rush by, fulfilling urgent orders. They can carry your goods and belongings as well. You will see that carriage of cargoes by truck is not just our main business activity, it is our vocation!

Our irreproachable reputation and the praise and complimentary comments from our clients serve as proof for this bold assertion. No one will tell about our company better than them!

Below is the list of GruzovichkoF’s merits, that’s our clients speaking:

What more can one say?!

However, there are a couple of aspects we would like to mention.

First, our many years of experience. The GruzovichkoF Company has been carrying various cargoes for more than 10 years already. We have seen a lot during that time. Be sure, it is impossible to astonish us. And a situation, which seems desperate for you, will be the one we are accustomed to.

Second, we treat your cargoes as our own, i.e. with all possible conscientiousness! But even in case of an accident, and all things may happen, we’ll completely indemnify for the damages. One hundred percent material liability is included in the contract!

And now, when you know everything about us, it’s high time to get acquainted with you! Call us and tell us what and where it is necessary to take. Be assured, you’ll have one of the best offers to carry cargoes by GAZel (small tonnage truck) in St. Petersburg.