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Good Deeds and Charitable Acts


Family and Childhood

The performance of the social and psychological service of the Semya i Detstvo (Family and Childhood) Charitable Foundation is unique in its own way. The main target of the Foundation is improvement of demographic statistics in Russia....


Kirovskiy District Administration

Location: The Kirovskiy district is located in the south-west of St. Petersburg, coming up to the Nevskaya firth of the Gulf of Finland. The district borders the Admiralteyskiy district in ...


Coordination Council of Russian Orthodox Military-Patriotic and Sports Clubs of St. Petersburg

The Coordination Council of Russian Orthodox military-patriotic and sports clubs of St. Petersburg, set up attached to St. Petersburg Eparchy Department for cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement institutions, is a uniq...


Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Patients Suffering from Infantile Cerebral Paralysis

Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Patients Suffering from Infantile Cerebral Paralysis non-commercial foundation was registered in 2002. Oleg Gaydakov is its founder and president. The chai...


Liniya Zhizni (Life Line) Foundation

The Foundation is engaged in saving seriously ill children. Successful experience of international organizations, operating in the field of public health and charity was used when developing the Program. The Program a...


Pomogat Legko (It Is Easy to Help) — a Charitable Project of the AdVita (For Life) Foundation

Pomogat Legko (It is Easy to Help) is a charitable project of AdVita (For Life) Foundation. It promotes the idea of easy charity: it should not be o...


World Children’s Games of Winners

The Podari Zhizn (Give Life) Foundation was set up thanks to the cooperation of the volunteers and doctors of the Children's Hematology Center, who are now members of the Expert Council of the Foundation. Construction of t...


G.N. Romanov Child Rehabilitation Center Charitable Foundation

This Center is engaged in medical drug-free rehabilitation of children with serious neurologic and pul...


NIL Society of Disabled People, a St. Petersburg Public Organization

This women’s public organization has been operating since 1996, dealing with disabled children, single mothers of chronically ill children, it also takes part in looking for sponsors for treatment of children suffering from cancer, arrangers public matinees for children. The GruzovichkoF Compan...


Ruka Pomoshchi (Helping Hand) Interregional Charitable Organization

This organization helps and supports orphanages, social rehabilitation centers in spiritual and moral restoration of a personality, as well as people suffering from some kind of dependence and without permanent place of...


Shag Navstrechu (Meeting Halfway) St. Petersburg Charitable Public Organization

The Shag Navstrechu (Meeting Halfway) is St. Petersburg charitable public organization for helping children with limited abilities has been caring for children living in the third block of Orphanage No. 4 of the t...


Upsala St. Petersburg Regional Charitable Public Organization

The goal of this organization is to help neglected children from problem families to become fully functional members of society. The neglected children are offered an alternative to living in the street in the form of...