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ATM moving by the GruzovichkoF Company

ATM weight Cost of moving with loaders
Up to 100 kg
1,200 rubles (vehicle cost) + 400 rubles per 1 floor.
Minimum payment is 2,600 rubles.
15% evening discount after 16:00
From 100 to 200 kg
1,200 rubles (vehicle cost) + 500 rubles per 1 floor.
Minimum payment is 3,900 rubles.
15% evening discount after 16:00
From 200 to 300 kg
1,200 rubles. (vehicle cost) + 1,000 rubles per 1 floor.
Minimum payment is 4,700 rubles.
15% evening discount after 16:00
From 300 to 400 kg
1,500 rubles (vehicle cost) + 1,500 rubles per 1 floor.
Minimum payment is 6,900 rubles.
15% evening discount after 16:00
From 400 to 500 kg
1,500 rubles (vehicle cost) + 2,000 rubles per 1 floor.
Minimum payment is 10,100 rubles.
15% evening discount after 16:00

Professional ATM moving is a service, which not every moving company is ready to offer. One can really judge the skills and training of the company employees by its whether or not it is included in their line of services.

What is so special about ATM moving? It is just an ordinary metal box at first sight.

Perhaps, we can start from the fact that an ATM is a very heavy metal box. Some examples may weigh up to two tons. Not every truck can carry such a load.

And now imagine the truck body of GAZel, where only one ATM is carried. What happens to that single ATM? Does it jump on mounds and hillocks and fall over from one side to the other?

That kind of thing probably happens in companies that do not cherish their reputations. But this is simply not possible in our company. ATMs are moved in specially equipped vehicles. They are reliably fastened to the truck body. That is why we guarantee their complete safety!

What else do we know about ATMs? They are very complex electronic mechanisms, in which even the smallest part is important. One error, and the bank may suffer very large losses! This knowledge doubles our conscientiousness! Our drivers turn into real sticklers when moving ATMs.

Another aspect, which is of no small importance, is installation of an ATM. It is certainly enough to simply take it out of the truck, put it in place and connect to the mains. But "simply" in this case is a slight distortion of the reality, and the word "slight" is perhaps another one. We remind you that an ATM weighs a lot. Consequently, it is necessary to apply special unloading equipment in order to take it out. And a high load capacity trolley on wheels with rubber coating will be useful to put it in place. Rubber coating is necessary so as not to damage the floor of the premises, where the ATM will be placed. We treat everything carefully, not only the cargo, but other articles surrounding us and our clients as well.

As you see, we know everything about ATM moving and even more. When you call our company, you’ll also find out that the price for this service is fairly low. It is lower than the price of our main rivals. And after the work is performed, you’ll know that everything described above, is not just words. This is our everyday practice. You’ll know that we move ATMs as if we were following a doctor’s prescriptions – carefully, conscientiously, and professionally.