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Why is road haulage so good?

The development of motor transport began not that long ago – in 1885, when German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz designed and patented the first car powered by internal-combustion engine. The first truck was manufactured in 1923, and within ten short years, road haulage had forever forced rail carriage from the lead position in the international transportation industry. The motor vehicle is now the prevailing means of transportation across the globe.


First, a truck requires relatively small initial investments compared to trains, planes and ships, which also have higher maintenance costs. Second, it is universal in terms of scope of application. It boasts simplicity of loading as well as the capability of moving cargo from one building to another, and a wide array of available routes – the total length of motor vehicle roads is twenty times higher than the combined span of railways. The third important feature is speed. Notwithstanding the fact that a plane flies faster than a truck drives, the decelerating factor in case of cargo carriage by air is the restriction placed on landing sites. Thus, the plane performs only part of the work, and is vastly inferior to the truck over small distances. The same holds true for trains and water transport. What’s more, a truck is capable of carrying cargo of practically any type, covering distances exceeding five thousand kilometers. All of these factors combine to make transportation by truck the cheapest and most convenient means of cargo carriage in the world today.