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GruzovichkoF is heartwarming cargo carriage

Modern cargo carriage is a kind of art. It requires not only professional skills and knowledge, but also a creative approach from the specialists, providing those services. And it is not important exactly what kind cargo carriage exactly we are speaking about and if the client is a private person or a commercial enterprise. A creative approach is necessary in any case.

Why are we so sure of that?

Look for yourself. Here are some real-world examples. Actions are much more eloquent than words!

Example No. 1. Heartwarming prices for cargo carriage.

The client needs to move his belongings from one three room apartment to another. There are a lot of belongings, as one should expect. Moreover, some of them are fragile and precious.

A self-employed private carrier will most likely offer to move everything in several runs, throw things into the truck and ask for an additional fee for assistance in loading and unloading.

You will be offered a unique "All Inclusive" service at fixed price by our company. You could have half of the globe stored in your apartment. Cargo carriage in St. Petersburg will still cost the price forth in the contract.

Example No. 2. Heartwarming drivers

The drivers employed by our company care for their vehicles as violinists care for their instruments. They nourish and cherish them. All vehicles are in excellent working order and look wonderful.

Why is it important?

Because your belongings should not be moved in a dusty old truck that’s already falling apart. How can the cargo be safe when the doors are hanging by a thread?

Example No. 3. Heartwarming result

Competently organized cargo carriage in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region will bring profits not only to us but to you as well. This is a unique chance for your business to get closer to its clients. When you can reach them this quickly, you always have access to your clients.

The GruzovichkoF Company has proved itself in the field of business for business and will be a reliable business partner for you. A partner you can be proud to work with.

If you are looking for a company, which provides top level services in private and commercial cargo carriage, which will not let you down in an emergency and will fulfill an order during the shortest period of time at a reasonable price, you are heading in the right direction. The next step is to call us!